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About Us


We get it. Whether you are a stressed parent with sick kids, a professional athlete in training or a wellnesss advocate, we understand that health is your greatest asset. None of us have time to be sick, tired, uncomfortable, and in pain. All of us deserve to reach our highest human potential and perform at our best. That's where we start...

We believe health comes from the inside out,

not from a lotion or potion or from the outside in.

Its all about the nervous system! Its running the show- 24/7- even without us telling it what to do. It coordinates, controls and balances every single body function. Vital information or "innate energy" is sent across the nervous system to allow the body to adapt to its environment- OR WE'D BLOW UP!

For example, if you want to walk up steps, your nervous coordinates muscles and movement. If you cut your finger, your nervous system signals your body how to heal. If you eat lunch, the nervous system controls the digestive system and regulates the breakdown of food for absorption of nutrients. That very nervous system is protected and intimately related to the spine. Bones that make up the spine, called vertebrae, work like armor to protect the delicate nerves that travel thru the vertebrae. They are designed to move freely so the brain and body can communicate, regulating all body function. With lightning speed, 3 trillion nerve signals travel up and down the nervous system each second. Of those 3 trillion signals, only 50 bits of information actually reach the pain center of the brain. That's why so much happens without even feeling it.

We evaluate your health by the amount of stress on the nervous system,

because your current state of health is a direct result in the choices you make in how you eat, move and think.

When we're stressed, a "subluxation" occurs, disrupting vital nerve flow. The result: Ill-health and dis-ease. Many forms of stress cause subluxation-Chemical, Emotional and Physical stress. Our job is to help you figure out what's your roadblock (stress) to optimal health.

The bottom line: We're focused on you, regardless of symptoms. We believe you deserve the best life possible, starting with your health. Lets join forces to get your life back.