What Should You Expect on Your First Visit With Us?

No worries- We got your back! At Clearfield Chiropractic Center, our main concern is locating your interference to optimal health. From the moment you enter our doors to the moment you leave our office, you’ll feel welcomed and understand exactly what’s causing your problem.

During your first visit, we encourage you to arrive at least 15 min prior to your appointment time to complete our health forms. If you chose to use insurance coverage, our friendly staff with be sure to explain your benefits in a way that is easy to understand. After your forms are completed, you’ll move on to meeting Dr. Brandi and together, you’ll review your health history and any other pertinent information relating to your case. She’ll explain how chiropractic works and how it can be the solution to your problem. So simple!

Our examinations and procedures are focused on detection and correction of the “Vertebral Subluxation”. The examination consists of a spinal and nervous system exam, including “palpation”. Palpation essentially means feeling spinal movement by hand. With this exam, Dr. Brandi can palpate areas of your spine that may be involved with a subluxation. Spinal position, curvatures and muscle tone will also be taken into consideration as they relate to subluxations.

Additionally, X-rays may be taken if appropriate, worth a 1000 words! These will be reviewed with you by Dr. Brandi during your first visit. X-Rays show the effects of acute and chronic injuries and reveal past events that may have lead to your current state of health. They’re utilized to develop the best corrective action plan and rule out any situations that would require an outside referral. Some reasons contraindicate an X-Ray, including pregnancy and having recent applicable spinal X-Rays.

Now its time for the magic! Time for your adjustment. After the exam findings are analyzed, Dr. Brandi will be performing a gentle and specific manual adjustment. This adjustment, or subluxation correction, will be done while you relax on a comfortable, cushioned table. A hand-held instrument called an Activator might be utilized for some circumstances. That’s easy!

Before you leave, our staff will then schedule a second appointment for you. This second visit is known as the “Report of Findings” or ROF. You are encouraged to bring a spouse, family member or friend along to understand your current state of health. We’ll review your X-Rays taken and make sure you are confident with the information provided. Another spinal adjustment will likely be performed again. Lifestyle changes may be covered, in addition to other easy-to-follow steps to get better quicker. Further recommendations will be discussed together, including a strategy to remove the interference and allow your body to heal.

*Our office uses the most recent research and procedures to correct vertebral subluxations. We consider subluxations to be a serious threat to the quality and quantity of your health and that of your family. You’re worth it. No time to wait- LET’S GO!